"A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship is Awarded to Ms. Yi-yun Wang in 2022

In 2022, the winner of "A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship was awarded to Ms. Yi-yun Wang, who took specific actions in order to reduce noise levels in Taiwan. Please review the descriptions of her efforts titled "The Effectiveness and Impact of the Enforcement of Sound Camera Technology in Taiwan" (In Traditional Chinese).

In the book Thiaoouba Prophecy, the Great Thaora says, "to continue on the very important subject of noise, it is such a danger that, if nothing is done, catastrophe is certain," because people who expose themselves to noise are "subjecting their brains and their physiological and astral bodies to vibrations which are so harmful.  If they could see the damage that is caused, they would vacate the place quicker than if there was a fire.

Thus, even though we received excellent essays from Carla Boggio (in Spanish), Tang Tie (in Simplified Chinese), Isabela Rodriguez, Armoni Brightly Bailey, Hui Yee (in Simplified Chinese), Amel Hilmi, Osarieme Iyare, and Anson Joyes, who are runners-up candidates, we decided to award the scholarship to Ms. Yi-yun Wang who took actions, for actions speak louder than words. 

We encourage more students to apply as the scholarship is open to any current and former students, including American and international students, and the application can be written in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

The only requirement is for you to read the book "Abduction to the 9th Planet" also known as "Thiaoouba Prophecy", which can be obtained free of charge on the Internet or by visiting Volunteer Opportunities, and write about what you think about the book and how you'd like to promote a better world, or an invention of yours to achieve this goal.

The scholarship award of $1000 can be given in US dollars or its equivalent in a foreign currency of your choice.  The deadline of  "A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship is July 19 of every year.  See you next year!


2022年,“美好世界”读书进步奖学金获得者是王奕云女士,她采取了具体行动以降低台湾的噪音水平。请参阅 "台湾声音照相科技执法执行成效及影响"。

在《海奥华预言》一书中,伟大的涛拉说,"噪音极为危险,以至于若是置之不理,必将导致一场大难。"因为暴露在噪音中的人 "让大脑、生理体和星光体都承受着非常有害的振动。"如果他们能看到这些振动所造成的损害,他们一定会以比逃离火灾现场还要快的速度逃离这个地方。

因此,尽管我们收到了Carla Boggio(西班牙语)、鉄糖(简体中文)、Isabela RodriguezArmoni Brightly Bailey慧仪(简体中文)、Amel HilmiOsarieme IyareAnson Joyes等奖学金候选人的优秀文章,但我们还是决定将奖学金授予王奕云女士,因为行动比语言更有说服力。