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Examples of Barbri books
Barbri: The Conviser Mini Review (New York)
Barbri: Multistate Testing Simulated MBE
Barbri: Multistate
Barbri: Calfornia
Fajans Falk Shapo: Writing for Law Practice
Pieper: Multistate Exam Book

1. Barbri Law Review -MPT Workbook (Multistate Performance Test)
-Summary of Test Strategies & Skills
-Sample Drafting Instructions
-Examples of Common Legal Forms
-Practice Tests & Model Answers

2. Barbri Law Review - Practice Questions - Multistate Testing

3. Barbri Law Review - Simulated MBE (Multistate Testing)

4. Barbri Law Review - The Conviser Mini Review California

5. Barbri Law Review - Drills & Released Questions (Multistate Testing)

6. Barbri Law Review - New York Testing

7. Barbri Law Review - Multistate (Long book)

8. Barbrie Law Review - California (Long Book)

PMBR Multistate Specialist (Volume 1) (Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, Evidence, Constitutional Law)
PMBR Multistate Specialist (Volume 2) (Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, Evidence, Constitutional Law)
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