Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently seeking volunteers to promote "A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship. Interested volunteers would find a geographic location of interest and contact schools or other institutions in order to encourage more people to apply to the scholarship through the following:

a) Request schools, universities, or other institutions to link to our scholarship page at https://www.chinasona.org/scholarship.html from their websites, facebook pages, etc.

Suggested email template to send to them:


I recently found a scholarship called "A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship that encourages students to read and think, and it could help your students or people in need. Please see details at https://www.chinasona.org/scholarship.html

Would it be possible for you to link to this page from the relevant pages on your website or facebook so that more people will know about this opportunity?

Please let me know.

Thank you"

b) Post information about our scholarship from personal pages or social media sites

c) Promote the scholarship via other means

1. Volunteers will receive a free ebook that will help them to apply for the "A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship
2. Volunteers will receive a volunteer certificate showing the number of hours volunteered for your record.

1. Please send an email to schong2@go.pasadena.edu and let us know that you are interested in volunteering.
2. Then, please start by posting information about our scholarship on your social media and/or send to as many schools as possible, requesting them to post such information.
3. Please let us know the number of ours you spent as well as the results (please send us the links of the pages containing information about our scholarship), then a volunteer certificate and a free ebook will be sent to you.

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