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Chinese Class in San Diego


9975 Campina Drive,
San Diego, CA 91942

Dates and Times

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Course Description:

This beginner's class will teach students basic Chinese phrases and vocabularies, Chinese pinyin, and basic greetings.

Minimum number of students: 3

Maximum number of students: 10


Conversational Chinese 301 ($25)





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"Thank you, Laoshi (teacher) for doing such a great job not only teaching us beginner's Mandarin but also for sharing bits of the wonderful Chinese culture.

It has been a delight being in your class these past 5 weeks, and I wish you the best as you continue your studies.

Xiexie, Ruth"

---Annaha Song

"I have always been fascinated with the Chinese culture and history. In high school, I enjoyed world history because it mostly talked about china in ancient civilization, the dynasties and how most of inventions that are useful even in this modern times were from the Chinese. Even as a communist country, the Chinese people proved themselves that they can be a big contributor to the world. With most of business and products in the whole world are coming from China, it is a big advantage to learn the Mandarin language. I am filipino and have no background in the Chinese language, I was skeptical in the beginning if I could actually learn the basics of the language in 6 weeks. My teacher Ruth was amazing. Her course showed us every single baby steps in learning Chinese. Not only was she knowledgeable with the language she has shared with us the culture, traditions, even food. I would like to continue learning Chinese with Ruth because she is very patient and understands how difficult it is to learn a different language. For those of you who would like to learn this language, I do not recommend those DVDs and CDs, they are waste of money and time, nothing compares to a personal instructor like Ruth."

-----Sheila, Accounting associate, Farmer brothers coffee.